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Tronsmart Element T6

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Tronsmart Element T6


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  • 【Powerful Richer Bass】 360-degree speakers produce a loud and impressive sound. At a rated output of 25W, making it perfect for garden parties. It’s downward-firing driver produces deep, low-end bass that rumbles an entire desk. Its ability to reproduce sub-bass tones is incredible. And no slouch in its mid-range or highs, with a relatively clear, albeit recessed, sound
  • 【Extended playtime】Equipped with a 5200mAh battery, Tronsmart T6 bluetooth speakers can continuously play music up to 12-15H at 2/3 of max volume. Quick charge gets back to full in 3.5 hours with included Micro USB cable.perfect for long weekends trips
  • 【Rugged Compact Desigh】The exterior is covered in a soft woven mesh for ruggedness and durability. The twisting volume top is quite novel.And T6 is small enough to take when you travel, Just take the music wherever you go!
  • 【Alexa Compatible】Bluetooth 4.1 technology allows you to connect all Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 33ft range. Even compatible with Amazon Alexa. with 3.5mm jack input.T6 Bluetooth Speaker can be also used as Wired Speaker
  • 【GUARANTEED】We back all our speakers with an 12-month warranty, we believe in our products.This Bluetooth Speaker is designed, manufactured and exclusively sold by Tronsmart