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iFrogz Sound HUB Plugz

Price: $24.00

iFrogz Sound HUB Plugz




Wireless Control

Enjoy your music without the wires, up to 30 feet from your device. The wireless receiver clips to your shirt collar so you can easily control music and calls.

Cable Management

The powerful magnetic clip helps keep the cord in place when your earbuds are not in use.

Lightweight Earbuds

The pendant design reduces weight and makes the earbuds less bulky, perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

Intuitive Buttons

The raised buttons for volume and track control are easy to use without looking. The hub button which controls power, play/pause, call and voice controls is located at the top so it’s easy to distinguish from the buttons for volume and track control.

8mm Drivers

8mm drivers deliver crisp, clear, high-quality sound for an immersive, musical experience.

Mic with Qualcom cVc Noise Cancellation Technology

The mic blocks outside noise and amplifies your voice so you come through loud and clear.