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Aukey WearBuds 2-in-1 by AiPower

Price: $169.00

Aukey WearBuds 2-in-1 by AiPower


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High-Resolution Audio | IPX6 water-resistance | Unique true wireless earbuds that are stored and charged inside a fitness band


  • NO EXTRA CHARGING CASE: Wearbuds are the world’s first true wireless HiFi earbuds charged on your wrist. Both earbuds can be stored perfectly in the fitness tracking wristband which can also charge the earbuds without an extra charging case.
  • HIGH FIDELITY SOUND QUALITY: Wearbuds features flawless audio streaming with an advanced Qualcomm chipset and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, reproducing booming bass and crisp highs through fine-tuned graphene-augmented drivers.
  • FITNESS TRACKER ON WRIST: While you are listening some music through the earbuds during workouts, the fitness band on your wrist can at the same time count your steps and calories burned. You may also like to monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns with fitness reports that are synced and stored in your Aipower App, along with all the other records.
  • CALL FREELY WITH EITHER EARBUD: Wearbuds supports Mono Mode, a feature comes from the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, allowing fast and easy hands-free phone calls with one or both earbuds.