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ACEFast B1 38W Fast Charge Car Charger

Price: $15.00

ACEFast B1 38W Fast Charge Car Charger




ACEFAST B1 car charger, USB-C 20W and USB-A 18W output, zinc alloy body, support most fast charge protocols

1. Input voltage: DC12V-24V.
2. Output: USB-A: 18W, USB-C: 20W, total output USB-C+USB-A=38W.
3. Support: for PD30W, for PPS, for QC3.0/QC2.0, for AFC, for FCP and other charging protocols.
4. High safety level, V0 fireproof material, safety FCC, PSE, UKCA, ROHS certification.
5. It is mainly suitable for PD fast charging for iPhone, for Samsung mobile phones, for iPad and other devices and mobile phones. It can also be used for PD emergency fast charging for USB-C notebooks.
6. The main body is made of zinc alloy.
7. Sizes: 28.6*28.6*46.4mm.
8. Weight: ≈42g.